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Actualités & projets


Actualités & Projets

JUIN 20 - 2016  

AWS possesses a FPC certificate based on EN 1090

Did you know that since 23 May 2015 AncoferWaldram Steelplates bv  possesses a FPC (Fabrication Production Control) certificate based on EN 1090. Therefore we are licenced to apply a CE marking to our products and issue the related DoP (Declaration of Performance) as well.
Because we want to meet customer requirements and wishes as much as possible, we have been certified for the highest execution class 4 (EXC 4).
So in this area we also stand for quality, knowledge and skill.

Below some background information with reference to EN 1090:

Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European parliament and of the Council succeeds the Council Directive of 1989. The Council Directive introduced the CE mark and was meant to eliminate trade barriers by laying down harmonised conditions for requirements of construction products. However, this directive left too much room for the membered States allowing some countries to decide that the CE mark was not mandatory for their country.

Now, with the new regulation, there is only one system with rules and conditions for trading of construction products. The regulation applies to all EU-countries and leaves no room for different interpretations. It is no longer allowed to refer to national hallmarks.

As of 1 July 2014 construction products have to be provided with a CE mark and a declaration of performance. Without this declaration of performance the concerning construction products may not carry the CE mark, and that means that a manufacturer, distributor or importer may no longer market them as of 1 July 2014.

With the CE marking and the associated declaration of performance, manufacturers represent the performance of the essential characteristics (product features) of its construction product. These essential characteristics are derived from the fundamental requirements or basic requirements for constructions resulting from national (construction) regulations in the Member States of the EU, such as in the Netherlands, the Building Act 2012. These requirements concern both on production level as well as on the level of structures. These requirements include information on strength (structural safety), fire safety, health, hygiene, energy efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources.

The declaration of performance is proof that the product meets the performance required for their specific application at commercialization and further distribution in the market.

CE marking applies to all products traded on the European market. For construction products the additional condition that there must be a technical specification for the product in the intended application applies.

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  • 100 000 tonnes de stock disponibles
  • Une qualité certifiée et garantie
  • Autorisation de remarquage et une traçabilité totale
  • Des tôles sur mesure, fruit de longues années d’expérience et de techniques de découpe à la pointe de la technologie
  • Des spécialistes pour vous donner des conseils personnalisés


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